The Band


Our Approach

Neginoth is a band that aims to spread powerful tunes through the power, soul, and embodiment of truly passionate music. We aim to inspire a community of people who appreciate high quality progressive rock, all of our songs are available for purchase and download.

Our Story

Founded by Robert Jamason, Neginoth has come a long way with the people who have thrived to make the band a success. Everyone puts in an effort to further the band and music so that we all have something to enjoy. Robert is always working hours to push out many to better the musical future, we will always be thriving to put our passion within the music.

Meet Neginoth

The faces behind the craziness that comes out of HTH Studio.
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Kerin Williams


To know this lady. is to know what a blessing really is.


Robert Jamason

Composer & Producer

Founder and overall creator of Neginoth


Kevin Reid

Special Guest Bass

Former Bass player for Oracle / Prodigy