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Being true to you

Finding yourself and your own identity in music is much more rewarding than others saying, “You sound
like ‘so and so’”. Why would you want to be second to others all the time?

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Getting Started

Not sure how to get started? Or stuck? Learn tips on writing your first song immediately. You don't need high-end gear to write great music. And you don't have to be a music theory nut to make great music.

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Spending Time

Spending time on a simple idea and giving it time and thought can help it grow. Seeing the first chord as a seed that will grow into something amazing, there is nothing like it.

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Don't Let the dream die

It's one thing to wish and think about being able to play great music. For many, fear of not succeeding, or succeeding can hold you back. Fear can be your worst enemy or your best friend. For me, I find facing fears to be very motivating and rewarding.

Remember when you first learned to drive a car. You were fearful of getting in a wreck, or that you would for some reason get pulled over by the police. Once you got some experience and confidence you got over that fear, and driving a car changed your life. You could now travel to places you never could before, meet people you would have otherwise never met, and even get the job of your dreams. All possible after facing your fear. There is always a blessing on the other side of fear.